Posted by: ranvijay | August 17, 2010

m2eclipe over eclipse 3.4.x – No repository found at…

Have been using the latest and greatest eclipse helios for quite some time, but recently had to switch back to eclipse ganymede because the latest flash builder 4 was not compatible with helios. Although I did had ganymede on my system, which was stuffed with too many plugins including the old version of m2eclipse, I thought of starting with a fresh installation of eclipse ganymede with the latest version of m2ecilpse over it. But as soon as I entered the m2eclipse update site ULR:, it started to give “No repository found at” error.

A little bit of googling and I found this:

In short, use

instead of:

if you are using eclipse 3.4.x



  1. Thanks a lot…was stuck over this for a long time..

  2. hey, that solves maven integration with ibm’s rad7! awesome πŸ™‚ thanks!

  3. thanks a lot posting FIX on how to install maven plug-in for eclipse 3.4

    I’ve been frustrated not being able to install the plug-in with error β€œNo repository found at”.

    the official site is toatally useless.

    After using the URL you posted, I can able install in 5 minutes. Thanks for saving my day !!

  4. thanks, you saved so much of time. One thing i can not understand, why these products(m2eclipse) likes to hide information. do you have any idea.

  5. Thanks much. You saved me a lot of time!!

  6. Thanks , That helps

  7. Thanks a lot man. You helped me get out of frustration of resolving this issue.

  8. Thank you!!!!

  9. very very useful πŸ™‚

  10. thanks a lot really useful

  11. Thanks
    update site stated on sonatype is broken

    • any idea what site works now? I cannot find anything that works at all. Did all this get transfered to the Eclipse site?

  12. also try for that version of maven

  13. it’s really very much helpful. I was stucked and finally got this blog which helped me a lot. Thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  14. Tahank youi it is workder for ganymede

  15. very very userful.i waste 2 hours to resovle this problem!

  16. dude , your awesome …. in a fricking proj i currently work on they still use ganymede , hate it . You blog saved my ass , hastala vista baby jesus.

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